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Walk into any wine shop in the United States and you’ll likely to see signs for offerings from Italy, France and Spain. But there’s another Iberian country that also draws from the ancient traditions of the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans to produce world-class wines that are equally—and even of higher quality, richer flavor and personality—than their most famous European counterparts.

The Portuguese have been making wine for millennia and barely crack the top-ten wine exporting countries in the world, just ahead of the United Kingdom, but its quintas (wineries) generate exquisite and fresh alternatives to Malbecs, Barberas and Chardonnays. These are bottles that should be appearing on your table.

At Sommtable, we have a passion for finding incredible wines and spirits – I believe they connect everything we love in the world: Food, Art, Music, and People.  Sommtable’s mission is to introduce the American wine enthusiast to hard-to-find, Portuguese boutique wines that present not only extraordinary flavor, but from producers also committed to sustainability.

You’ve probably heard of Port and Vinho Verde, but we also bring you offerings from Castelão and Fernão Pires, grapes that are native to Portugal and have distinctive characteristics that will expand your palate to a world of new flavors.


White, Red, Rosé, Sparkling & Fortified

Small in size but diverse in microclimates, ranging from cool and lush to hot and arid creating a variety of wine styles. 

Place & Grape

Unique, Indigenous Varietals

We work with unique vineyards that have proven that they don’t need international varieties or fashions to follow — they have their own grape varieties and unique wine styles.


An Indelible Relationship Between Every Glass & Plate

Our wines are well-balanced, have excellent acidity and have a wide range of styles to match both local and international cuisines.


Native Yeasts

We believe that native yeasts play a key role in expressing the regional character of wine and ultimately increasing the wine’s complexity.


Tradition Meets Modernity

Whether you're an expert somm or a total newbie, our wines bring countless options to continue discovering the far too underrated world of indie wine.

Quality to Price Ratio

What makes our wines ‘value-able’ wines?

We sell boutique wines, from boutique winemakers, can age from 10-20 years

Sustainability & Authenticity

“If you don’t recognize the grape variety on a Portuguese wine label, it’s a good thing.”

It’s our challenge and our mission to build a company with a diverse portfolio focused exclusively on small growers who care for indigenous varietals, especially those who practice a non-interventionist approach in the vineyard and in the cellar.

These are growers that balance a love for the land, and practice growing and production methods with the outmost care for the biodiversity of the terroir.

We source lesser-known wines and spirits from the many diverse regions across Portugal, a land encompassing cold, rocky northern coasts, mountainous interiors, fertile lowlands and warm, sparkling southern coastlines.

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Lima Mayer Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot (100%)

Lima Mayer 2 TINTOS

Alicante Bouchet,Petit Verdot

Lima Mayer Reserva

Alicante Bouchet, Syrah, Petit Verdot

Reserva Comendador 2014

60% Alicante Bouschet, 30% Syrah & 10% Touriga Nacional

Reserva Comendador 2016

Alicante Bouschet - Aragonez - Trincadeira

Adega Mayor Verdelho 2017


Adega Mayor Touriga Nacional 2016

Touriga Nacional

Adega Mayor Seleçao 2017

Verdelho, Antão Vaz, Arinto.

Adega Mayor Reserva 2016

Alicante Bouschet - Aragonez - Trincadeira

Adega Mayor Caiado 2019 Red

Castelao, Aragonez, Trincadeira amd Alicante Bouschet

Adega Mayor Caiado 2019 White

Antao Vaz - Arinto (Pederna)

Adega Mayor Caiado 2019 Rose

Castelao, Aragonez and Touriga Nacional

Valados de Melgaço Alvarinho Reserve

Albarino (Alvarinho)

Valados de Melgaço Alvarinho Natural Vinification


Sparkling Wine Valados de Melgaço Alvarinho Reserve

Albarino (Alvarinho)

S o m m t a b l e E p i c u r e a n S o m m t a b l e E p i c u r e a n
S o m m t a b l e E p i c u r e a n S o m m t a b l e E p i c u r e a n


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