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It’s our challenge and our mission to build a company with a diverse portfolio focused exclusively on small growers who care for indigenous varietals, especially those who practice a non-interventionist approach in the vineyard and in the cellar.

These are growers that balance a love for the land, and practice growing and production methods with the outmost care for the biodiversity of the terroir.

We source lesser-known wines and spirits from the many diverse regions across Portugal, a land encompassing cold, rocky northern coasts, mountainous interiors, fertile lowlands and warm, sparkling southern coastlines.

Our products are not only selected for their superior quality, but also for their ability to create positive socio-economic impact.

We strive to work with winemakers and distillers who respect their land and their history, who do not use a lot of chemicals in their farming, nor rely on corrections in their winemaking and distilling process. These are producers with fine, authentic wines that come from only small, family-owned estate vineyards and wineries.

Their products reflect the authenticity and excellence that comes from generations of experience in the vineyard and in the cellar, together with an unwavering focus on quality. They respect nature and represent the distinctive regionality, effortlessly paired with the flavors of the local cuisine and the traditions of their ancestors.

These are the hallmarks of the wines we distribute.


Bairrada Portugal 2017

S o m m t a b l e E p i c u r e a n S o m m t a b l e E p i c u r e a n

We’re out to empower with every pour, so we’re creating a portfolio where small-scale wine and spirit-makers can share their craft with the world. So, take your palate on an adventure and make an impact with every pour.

Our imports are the counterpart to our online learning platform, Sommtable.com, where we’re growing a community inspired by the world of the sommelier and experts, allowing people to come together, share and learn from their great taste.

We invite you to discover these amazing wines and also take part in our classes where you’ll meet winemakers and experts, learn about their craft, and understand everything that goes inside a product before it reaches your table.

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Birdie deQuay

Founder | CEO


Birdie deQuay 1971

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine, so it’s sort of the same thing.

Birdie deQuay is French / Spanish born in Lisbon, Portugal, where he acquired a love for the world of wine at an early age. Jobs in wineries in Colares and Alentejo cultivated his education and passion for wine while pursuing a career in design and marketing. Birdie is the founder of Sommtable.com, a platform that connects wine enthusiasts with Sommelier classes and curated boxes. He resides in Los Angeles with his two daughters and a lab called Macey. (Macey can sometimes be seen shooting videos with Birdie). Also fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Filipe Nascimento

Partner | Sommelier


Filipe Nascimento, 1979

Graduated in Gastronomy at the Estoril School of Hotel and Tourism, Portugal, in 1997, he started his professional career in restaurants and hotels at the region. While studying, he worked in one of the best Italian restaurants in Portugal, creating a strong relationship with Italian culture and cuisine.

In 2001 he traveled to Italy to graduate in his favorite gastronomy and it was there that the passion for wines was born. At the Locanda della Marina restaurant in Marche the harmonization between gastronomy and wine was already a point of attraction for customers from all over Italy. In 2013 he started out as an entrepreneur and opened three restaurant businesses in Cascais-Portugal.
After 25 years dedicated to gastronomy and wine, he decided to pursue a Postgraduate Degree in Wine Marketing & Events. Since then, he has dedicated himself to marketing, exporting and commercializing wines.
Portuguese wines are my passion, and making them known to the world is my goal! The ancient history and tradition of Portuguese wines are unique in the world, and I want to make my contribution to the well-deserved international recognition of Portuguese wines and producers. Being able to invest and participate in the Sommtable project is a pride and a dream come true.

Igor Krum

Tech | Logistics

Interesting facts

Portuguese Wines For Every Palate

Did you know

Portugal is home of the first Demarcated and Regulated wine region in the world – Douro Valley, now a UNESCO World Heritage site

How did wine arrive in Asia?

The Portuguese were the first to bring European wines to the Americas and to Asia?

Ranked top wineries

in 2104, 3 out of the top world wines where Portuguese?

All Portuguese Wines Must Carry an Authenticity Seal

Regardless of the quality, the grape or the estate, all Portuguese wines are packaged with an authenticity seal that identifies them as a product of the land.

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