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Rita Nabeiro
Adega Mayor | Alentejo

With a degree in Communication Design from the Belas Artes in Lisbon, Rita's professional career began in 2005 at an advertising agency. Two years later she joined the family business and soon spearheaded the company's expansion. ``It’s all in the story`` Rita says. Regardless of the wine, it’s the story that brings it to life. Paired with the moment, the company and my state of mind, a wine has a potential to be phenomenal. What’s key is that the wine is very good to me.``

Artur Meleiro
Valados de Melgaço - Viana do Castelo

Artur continues the family tradition, of several generations, in the production of his quality Alvarinho grapes and wines. His wines are recognized by their quality and sophistication.<br /> Valados de Melgaço and Quinta de Golães are two brands that he produce that are characterized with elegance and harmony that reveal all the magic of the Alvarinho grape variety and the Monção and Melgaço terroir.

Thomaz de Lima Mayer
Lima Mayer | Alentejo

To get started with the vineyard project, Thomaz partners with winegrowers Richard Smart and David Booth, who helped him choose the best grape varieties according to the type of soil. Such selection was a key factor in producing a great quality wine. In a second phase, he built a team with professionals from different areas to produce the first wine of the brand Lima Mayer (2003). This team, is still the foundation of this project.

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